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Commercial building inspection Standard: ASTM  E 2018-115​​​​​​

商业建筑检验标准和依据: - ASTM  E 2018-115​​​​​​​

Team consists of:

  -Mechanical Engineer- P.Eng

  -Structural Engineer- P.Eng

  -Electrical Specialist

  -Elevator Specialist

  -External Consultants


  -专业工程师(P. Eng); 

  -行业专业人士, 如电梯系统


4 components of Property Condition Assessment:

  - Document Review and Interviews

  - Walk-through Survey

  - Preparation of Opinions of Cost to Remedy Physical deficiencies

  - Preparation of Property Condition Report


  - 查看与这个建筑相关的图纸文件, 和熟悉这个建筑的人员会面。

  - 现场查验

  - 维修费用的估价

  - 准备商业建筑检验报告